"As the days dwindle down to a precious few..."

December 7…

December 7, 2014
A Day that Will Live…

She, downstairs, unable to sleep.  I, upstairs, awake, with an injured knee. We meet, with surprise, on the stairway, stumbling in our own world’s worry. A 3 AM reunion of the elderly. We feel the end in our bodies, in our bones, as we embrace, grateful that we are here, now, together in the darkness.

winter night


December 7, 1941
…In Infamy

The searing memories of  December 7, 1941 fade into the black-and-white of history, as most of those who lived it are gone from us. But the aftershocks still pulse. My father was drafted into the army after December 7, 1941, and my mother moved to Washington DC to work in the war effort, where she met my father.  Seventy-three years later, Sharon and I, serendipitous progeny of that fateful day, embrace in the darkness…

precious life
heft measured
in grief




  1. Linda Biegen

    The magnitude of realization of drawing near to the end of one’s journey is a gift when it brings gratitude and love’s extension into the void. Happy that you and Sharon have walked together through life. Love you two !!

    • Brian Vandenberg

      We love you too, Linda, and are grateful that you are with us in our journey.

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