"As the days dwindle down to a precious few..."




Shoes on the floor where they were tossed after yesterday’s walk. The frig, with the tomatoes, special lettuce, mushrooms, beets and milk for the day’s meal. The radio, tuned to NPR, for the morning chat. Porch chairs askew, as they were left after we spent the evening reading. Laundry basket, checkbook, a pile of unopened mail; desk clutter, yesterday’s newspaper, phone charger, to-do list and purse on the counter. TV clicker on the couch, half completed crossword, grocery list, opened book with bookmark, pills to be taken. The pillow with the impress of where she laid her head. Habits, routines and concerns of daily life leave behind a trail of our presence; the intimacy of the mundane, overlooked in our headlong rush through our days…into the night.



in the sand
incoming tide




  1. Van Gogh; Van Gogh Museum
  2. This is a haibun, a Japanese poetic form consisting of prose and haiku creating a verbal collage

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  1. Ryan

    My favorite one yet, Uncle Brian.

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